Fantabollani: the movies

On the “Oscar night” of european fantastic cinema – the 21st Méliès d’or Ceremony – Stefano Bollani will be a special guest of the TS+FF, with an extraordinary program: musical accompainments to classic movies, surprises and symbols of the early days of Sci-Fi cinema.

Voyage à travers l’impossible, by Geroges Méliès, France, 1904
Voyage dans la Lune, by George Méliès, France, 1902
Les quat’ cents farces du diable, by George Méliès, France, 1906
Voyage autour d’une étoile, by Gastono Velle, France, 1906
Matrimonio interplanetario, by Enrico Novelli, Italia 1910

Ticket prices
▶ €15 for the accredited of the TS+FF (the concert tickets can be bought exclusively along with the accreditation)
▶ €20 for the accredited to Il Rossetti (tickets available exclusively at the Politeama Rossetti)
▶ €30 full price

Full price tickets are available online on Vivaticket, at the Politeama Rossetti, and at any VIvaticket authorised reseller.

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