Fantastic Film Forum
Sunday, November the 1st of November 2020


Case studies

Strategy and notions are always useful, but practical application very often is extremely different and can lead to unexpected solutions. This session – exclusively made of case studies with producing companies, single films or developing projects – has been specifically organised to actually verify how emerging professionals have realised (or are in the process of realising) their project, what difficulties they have encountered, how they were able to overcome them, and what their future goals are. Because history can always teach us something.

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Programme of the Day

10.00 am
Stories beyond the borders: Pilgrim Film
The history of a film company which has looked beyond the borders ever since its birth: founded in Trieste, a crossroad of cultures in the heart of central Europe, Pilgrim Film has always been voted to co-productions. An overview of its production history and policy, starting from the first documentary films, then the feature films in co-production with Ukraine and Slovenia, and finally the new projects in development with France and Sri Lanka – boosted by the fundamental support of the local FVG Audiovisual Fund.

Speaker: Andrea Magnani, CEO, Pilgrim Film (Italy)


10.45 am
The Italian way to international cinecomics: Dampyr
A successful comics series adapted for cinema, a high budget, international locations, the starting of a cinematic universe: a common praxis for US cinema, but an absolute novelty for Italy. A meeting with Bonelli Editore, that launched the project, and with Brandon Box, which curated the production of the first episode, Dampyr, to illustrate a production operation of international value but with an utterly Italian heart.

Speakers: Andrea Sgaravatti, CEO, Brandon Box (Italy); Alessandro Pittoni, Head of Original Production, Brandon Box (Italy); Vincenzo Sarno, Head of Property Business Development, Sergio Bonelli Editore


11.30 am
Independent genre film production companies on the move: Macaia Film
Founded in a territory seldom touched by cinema such as Liguria, in the course of the years Macaia Film has grown: video services, executive productions, the first experiments with fiction, the factual series for Sky and for Prime Video, and finally the international leap with two genre projects at development stage, in co-production with Chile and Belgium. A route that may appear normal, but which holds the ambition – not so common in Italy – of looking beyond the regional and national borders.
Speaker: Simone Gandolfo, CEO, Macaia Film (Italy)


12.15 am
Dune Drifter
: how to make a science fiction film in your living room (and survive COVID)
Author of the zombie-movie Colin, shot with a budget of 45 pounds, with his latest Dune Drifter Marc Price has addressed science fiction with a surely higher budget, but with a similar spirit: a 7 days shooting in Island, a set re-built within his living room, VFX professionals together with home-made expedients, and a lock-down to make everything more complicated. The result is a “home-made” science fiction film which perfectly meets the ambitions of an action science fiction film, and illustrates how to maximise the resources available.

Speaker: Marc Price, director (UK)


An American (film) in Europe: Skylin3s
If Beyond Skyline had maximized the practice of global co-production (US management, financings mostly from Asia and Canada, Indonesian locations), its sequel Skylin3s bursts into the European co-production system like an alien spaceship. A spectacular production hybrid, which makes the most of international co-production opportunities, explained by its European representative Leo Haidar.


Speaker: Leo Haidar, Executive Producer Skylin3s (France),




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