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  • Arthur C. Clarke 100

    Twice already the Trieste Science+ Fiction Festival has crossed paths with Arthur C. Clarke, the British writer and prophet of the space age born in Minehead, Somerset, whose hundredth birth anniversary will be celebrated on December 16th this year. The first time was in July 1966, during the fourth edition of the Trieste event, when […]

  • Premio Urania d’argento Sergio Martino

    The role of Sergio Martino within the Italian cinema universe is accurately and methodically analysed by Ernesto Gastaldi in the preface to Martino’ autobiography: «66 directions, 44 screenplays, 5 films as director of production. A record of work and success».1 Who was Sergio Martino? In the above mentioned book he explains it in his own […]

  • An interview with Stefano Bollani

    The Trieste Science+Fiction Festival will again, just as in 2015, host the award ceremony of the Méliès d’or, the Oscar of European fantastic cinema, trasforming Trieste again into the European Capital of Fantastic Cinema. The ceremony of the Méliès d’or will be brilliantly enhanced by the music of the maestro Stefano Bollani, one of the […]

  • The long journey to Shadow Planet

    The Shadow Planet, published by SaldaPress for the independent label Radium, is an explosive mix of retro sci-fi, exploitation and horror by the Blasteroid Bros, the collective made by screenwriter Giovanni “James” Barbieri, illustrator Gianluca “Johnny” Pagliarani and colorist Alan “Junior” D’Amico. The “most terrifying retro sci-fi horror ever made in comics” – that could […]

  • Sci-Fi Nights

    Science-fiction and fantasy are inspirational worlds which have always tweaked creativity of both visual artists and musicians. Therefore, if a light beam becomes a sword, noise can turn into music: images and sounds can be put together to produce a new collective imagination able to create new emotions by mixing them. This is the reason […]

  • Official program

    From October 31st to November 5th, Trieste will turn once again into the European capital of fantastic cinema. One week of previews, short films, classics and cult movies. And this year, also the Oscar of European fantastic cinema, with the Méliès d’or Ceremony and Stefano Bollani’s concert. And also exhibitions, monsters, meetings, encounters of the […]

  • Oracle – Asteroide Award 2017

    Since its beginnings, the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival has been keeping the objective to entrust the realization of the Asteroide Award to an under 40 artist from Trieste, in order to promote and shine a light over local creative talents by providing an international showcase for their work. This year the choice was slightly different and […]

  • Marjorie Prime to open TS+FF 2017

    The opening film of the 17th edition of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival will be an Italian premiere: Marjorie Prime, by Michael Almereyda. It is based on the acclaimed play by Pulitzer nominee Jordan Harrison. Marjorie Prime has a deeply touching narrative which explores themes such as memory, identity, love and loss in the age of […]

  • Fantabollani: the movies

    On the “Oscar night” of european fantastic cinema – the 21st Méliès d’or Ceremony – Stefano Bollani will be a special guest of the TS+FF, with an extraordinary program: musical accompainments to classic movies, surprises and symbols of the early days of Sci-Fi cinema. Voyage à travers l’impossible, by Geroges Méliès, France, 1904 Voyage dans […]

  • Fantastic Shorts

    We’re explorers of light and stories. We’re collectors of images and sensations. This happens to be our Wunderkammer, and we are putting it at your disposal. Let’s assist together to the exhibition of these trophies from all around the world and bask in the pleasure of contemplation and of the ethereal possession of something so […]

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