• The Midnights section line-up!

    Trieste Science+Fiction Festival announces the Midnights section line-up. As usual, a strong and diverse programme which will not let down the fans of the midnight screenings, always a favourite slot for the festival audience. Trieste Science+Fiction Festival Midnight explores the most provocative and dangerous   territories of genre cinema. Four late night occasions to enjoy the best […]

  • Brian Yuzna will be in Trieste as president of the jury of the Asteroide Award

    Trieste Science+Fiction Festival announces guest Brian Yuzna, creator of cult fanta-horror movies of the ‘80s and ‘90s, to name but a few Society (1989), Re-Animator (1985) and The Dentist (1996). He will be in Trieste as president of the jury of the Asteroide Award, the international prize awarded each year to the best science fiction […]

  • Hasta la vista, Baby: six more titles of the 2019 official programme selection

    Trieste Science+Fiction Festival reveals six more titles of the 2019 official programme selection! Beginning with James Cameron’s much anticipated and very much loved cyborgs, on screen on Wednesday October 30th, and proceeding with Last Sunrise – the first Chinese movie in competition at the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival – the neglected superheroes of Code 8 and the problematic ones of Blind […]

  • I Fantastic Shorts del TS+FF 2019!

    European Fantastic Shorts – Méliès d’argent competition Borders have been moved further. The search for infinity is inwardlooking. Who are we? Where do we come from? In order to grasp the mechanisms of the human mind we have tried to reproduce it, often with abnormal results. What is left is the human being with his/her […]

  • Three milestones of the sci-fi genre at TS+FF!

    Trieste Science+Fiction Festival prepares to celebrate three important anniversaries, paying tribute to three milestones of the sci-fi genre with many events and the participation of international guests. Firstly, there will be a tribute to the first 40 years of Ridley Scott‘s very successful masterpiece and science fiction cult Alien (1979) which will be screened in a restored version. […]

  • The first 5 titles of the 2019 official selection

    Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, the science fiction event taking place in Trieste from October 29th to November 3rd reveals the first 5 titles of the 2019 official selection. Five Italian premieres ready to explore the endless declinations of the fantastic film genre, an eclectic selection ranging from black comedy to horror via the monster movie, not […]

  • Are you a cinema student? TS+FF is offering you the Science Fiction

    Are you a cinema student? This year, as in the past editions, Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, organized by La Cappella Underground, offers students from cinema schools (both Italian and foreign ones) located outside Friuli Venezia Giulia Region the chance to get a free pass for the Festival and free accommodation for three nights in Trieste, from […]

  • Fantastic Film Forum 2019

    Fantastic Film Forum is the section of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival dedicated to science fiction and fantastic genres professionals. After the excellent outcome of the 2018 edition, the section programme will expand to three days packed full of meetings, networking and top quality professional workshops.A well-structured, consistent programme where participants will be able to investigate […]

  • Artist Jacopo Starace is the author of the poster of 19th TS+FF

    Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, the most important science-fiction event in Italy, taking place in Trieste from October 29th to November 3rd this year, has revealed the poster of the much anticipated 2019 edition: an original drawing by Italian comics artist and illustrator Jacopo Starace, whose imaginative and visionary style has produced a poster suspended between dreams […]

  • TS+FF 19: submissions are now open!

    The nineteenth edition of Trieste Science+Fiction Festival – organized and promoted by the Film and audio-visual research and experimentation Centre La Cappella Underground – will take place from October 29th to November 3rd, 2019. Submissions are now open for films wishing to be selected for the competition sections, the deadline being July 31st, 2019. Guidelines and instructions for submission […]


    Asteroide Award International competition for the best science fiction, horror or fantasy film by emerging directors at their first, second or third feature film. The prize of the Neon| Competition is awarded by an international jury of cinema professionals and experts of fantastic cinema. The members of the Asteroide Award 2018 Jury are: writer Richard […]

  • The EFFFF speaks out against censorship and in support of Maskoon

    It is with great concern that the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation (EFFFF) has learnt that our member festival Maskoon in Beirut has been hit by censorship during its current edition. The Federation strongly opposes censorship of any kind and supports the Maskoon festival in screening the full diversity of fantastic films from across the […]