Trieste Science+Fiction Festival - Festival della Fantascienza di Trieste

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  • TS+FF 20: submissions are now open!

    The twentieth edition of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, the most relevant Italian event showcasing science fiction and fantasy movies, organized and promoted by the Film and audio-visual research and experimentation Centre La Cappella Underground – will take place from October 29th to November 3rd, 2020. Submissions to the festival’s competition sections are officially open, the […]

  • TS+FF Live from Space

    This will be no ordinary Easter Monday: a day traditionally devoted to picnics, outdoor meals, and family reunions will see us locked up at home, for the safety of all. This is why Trieste Science+Fiction Festival has decided to get everyone on a trip out of town: a live performance broadcast directly from outer space! […]


    Asteroide Award The Award is given to the best science fiction, horror or fantasy film by emerging directors in the Neon | Competition section. The prize is awarded by an international jury composed of cinema professionals and experts of the fantastic cinema. Members of the 2019 Asteroide award jury were producer and director Brian Yuzna, journalist […]

  • TS+FF 19 – Day 6

    It’s the last day. But we still have many bullets to shoot. Especially on the screen, where bullets and explosions will abound. From The Matrix to the new Zombieland, we are armed to the teeth, ready for some real action. Tonight we will also learn which movies will get the awards. So, follow the white […]

  • TS+FF 19 – Day 5

    As Hadhoom used to say in the PK comics, now… LET’S DANCE! It’s the NIGHT of the Body Snatchers (Ultracorpi), the coolest party of the year. But wait: before you place your tents around the Dhome club, there’s a long day ahead of you, full of surprises. Giant Arachnids, a coke-fueled Batman, humanoids, spaceships drifting […]

  • TS+FF 19 – Day 4

    Ding ding! Dear passengers, today our interstellar cruiser will take you to a thousand destinations. To Poland, China, in the middle of an alien nebula, on the Moon, among the waves of the ocean, to the castle of Valburga… Do not fear, and relax, we are already in supersonic mode: we will touch all the […]

  • TS+FF 19 – Day 3

    Hitler riding a T-Rex. It may be enough to drag you all to the theatre. But today there’s much more in store. MUCH, much more. TODAY’S FILMS: h14:00 – Politeama Rossetti EUROPEAN FANTASTIC SHORTS VOL.02 2050 Alexandra Lupashko – Russia, 2019, 4’ Chromophobia Mark Lediard, Gavin Williams – UK, 2019, 15’ Robot Will Protect You […]

  • TS+FF 19 – Day 2

    “I’ll be back”. He had promised, and here it is. Dear old Schwarzy has just discovered he will not be able to run as president of the United States, but he will get over the disappointment on the screen of the Politeama Rossetti theatre frying up bad boy robots of every kind. Terminator: Dark Fate […]

  • TS+FF 19 – Day 1

    TS+FF 2019 spaceship, third officer initial report. Cargo and ship about to launch into the hyperspace. All passengers are onboard the theatre and seated. We should reach the border in six days. Over and out. Let the journey begin. TODAY’S FILMS: h 17:00 – Politeama Rossetti Alien There are “facehuggers”, a toothy belly-ripping alien, Lieutenant […]

  • To the Moon…

    50 years ago, on the 20th of July 1969, Apollo 11 mission ventured into space, carrying humans to the Moon for the first time: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were to be forever consigned to history as the first men to touch the lunar soil, together with Michael Collins, the command module pilot. In Italy, […]

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