FIFF 1970

Festival Internazionale del Film di Fantascienza – 8


Monsters, gladiators and erotic science-fiction.
This year the board awards its prize to the Swedish film The Gladiators, by Peter Watkins. Gappa, a Japanese film directed by Haruyasu Noguchi, takes part in the competition too. It is about Gappa, a giant baby-monster that was kidnapped, and his parents who desperately look for him all around Japan, causing disasters and destroying Tokyo.
In this Festival edition, regardless of censorship, Zeta One, a British film directed by Michael Cort, opens the gateway to erotic science-fiction genre.

The films

The Mind of Mr. Soames / Alan Cooke
Chariots of the Gods / Harald Reinl
Equinox / Jack Woods
Flying Phantom Ship / Hiroshi Ikeda
Gappa, the Triphibian Monster / Haruyasu Noguchi
The Gladiators / Peter Watkins
The Monitors / Jack Shea
The Outer Limits [TV] S2E5: Demon with a Glass Hand / Byron Haskin
Scream and Scream Again / Gordon Hessler
Zeta One / Michael Cort