Meetings: the new roads of distribution

Fantastic Film Forum 2019

Fantastic Film Forum
Day 2 – Wednesday , October 30th,  2019 — 10:00 / 13:00


The new roads of distribution
This session of meetings is meant as an integration and an expansion of the themes of the workshops and at the same time will be a substantial anticipation of the meetings and masterclasses of the closing day of the Forum’s. All the meetings will focus on the features and innovations of film distribution in the digital era: a general outlook throughout various levels (theatre distribution, international distribution, VOD) to enable participants to take advantage of the new opportunities and main trends of the ever-changing world of distribution.


Digital platforrms as a tool for theatrical self-distribution of independent films: presentation of the MovieDay project.
A look at the global trends in international distribution in the digital era, guided by one of the most active and knowlwdgeable experts in the field: Todd Brown, head of XYZ Films international acquisitions.
Digital distribution platforms have revolutionized the world of traditional production and distribution, their development constantly growing and changing the field greatly, from the privileged point of view of an insider.

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Meetings will be held in English.


How to participate

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