Workshop: How to set up an international co-production

Fantastic Film Forum 2019

Fantastic Film Forum
Day 2 – Wednesday , October 30th — 14:00 / 18:00


How to set up an international co-production
The workshop will offer practical tools to develop an international co-production project: identifying the main professionals in the field and their potential, choosing the best ones to contact and how, drawing up a financing plan and selling the project in the most effective way. A practical introduction to how to successfully sell an audiovisual project, offered by a professional whose actual job is to select and acquire projects.

Tutor: Dario Vecchiato – Head of Acquisitions, Gapbusters (Belgium)

Limited enrolment; 20 participants maximum.
Fees: 50€ (25€ for Sci-Fi PRO badge holders)


  • Structure and organization of the film industry and of its maket: producers, distributors, funding, sales agents
  • How, when and what to pitch to a sales agent or producer and in what way. The importance of pitching
  • International film funding: how to draw up a financing plan. Practical examples
  • Production timings: from screenplay to premiere, through funding and production
  • Practice exercises: participants will present a financing plan and the feasible market niche

The presence of a project at any phase of development is strongly advised (but not obligatory); all kind of projects will be accepted, regardless of genre and format (feature films, short films, documentaries, etc.), provided that they are of audiovisual character. The participants without a project will be associated to others during the creation of the working groups.

Dario Vecchiato

After studying in Stuttgart’s Filmakademie Ludwigsburg and in Paris’ La Femis, he moves to France where he works as Head of Acquisitions for Rezo International and Indie Sales, sales agents based in Paris. He is currently Head of Acquisitions at Gapbusters, Belgian production company dealing with high budget international co-productions. 


You may register to one only or both workshops on the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival official page on Eventival. Sci-Fi Pro badge holders exclusively access to the two Fantastic Film Forum workshops will be 50% off