Meetings of Futurology

The Meetings of Futurology, at the Magazzino delle Idee in the mornings of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd November (free entry), opens a multi-thematic space in the festival between science and science fiction. To initiate the cycle, at 10:30 on the 1st November we will be joined by the Dean of the University of Trieste, Maurizio Fermeglia, talking about the presence of nanotechnology with the title ‘Fantastic journey into the nanoworld’. This will be followed by Phil Hardy, a british journalist, who will discuss ‘Download! How the internet has transformed the music industry’, and Carlo Fonda (ICTP, Trieste) will give a personal 3D printing demonstration in the talk “From bits to atoms”.

On Saturday 2nd, Franco Farina (Foundation of the Pisa Theatre) will present his book “Writing the future: the lack of love between science fiction and theatre”; Mauro Giacca (Director ICGEB, Trieste) will discuss “Genetics for the future”; Alessio Liguori, Edoardo Margheriti, Massimo Morini and Fabrizio Rizzolo will discuss sci-fi cinema made in Italy at the round table at “Italians in space”. On Sunday 3rd, Roberto Rizzo will present his “Guide to the electric car”; followed by a meeting with Piero Schiavo Campo, winner of the Urania Prize 2013, with “L’uomo a un grado Kelvin”, and the panel with filmmakers Benjamin Hessler, Mike Mendez and Jake Schreier will discuss the theme “Visions of the future”. And for the audience at the Meetings of Futurology, every morning espresso will be provided by Illy Caffè!

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