TS+FF Shorts #4

Human beings should care more for their home and become aware that when the time comes to put into practice the famous “plan B” it might already be too late. The only possible option would turn into an obligatory choice, and not an attractive one. When man’s home will be reduced to a dark theatre of faded horrors, only a palliative of the original splendour, it will be too late to cry and fall apart. Is this downward slope inevitable?

Anemone / Alessandro Marcon / Spazio Corto
Cosmic Girl / Lorenzo Corvino / Spazio Corto
Cracolice / Fabio Serpa / Spazio Corto
Horizon / Daniele De Muro / Spazio Corto
Survivers / Carlos Gómez-Trigo / Méliès d’argent

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Trieste Science+Fiction Festival 2020: The 20th edition wards