Two hundred years ago this year, Frankenstein was first published. The author kept herself anonymous, so that no one would guess that she was a radical teenage feminist who had run off to Italy.
So, Mary Shelley creates Doctor Victor Frankenstein, and Doctor Victor Frankenstein creates his monster. That puzzle of stolen corpses, sewn together and brought to life, with an “abnormal brain”, who has forever been imprinted in our fantasy.

It is the year 1931 when the monster lives again, in the body of Boris Karloff: very tall, flat-headed, with electrodes stuck to his neck, protruding scarred forehead, wearing a jacket and dark turtlenecks, big steel sole shoes, slow and menacing walk. An identikit that will live forever in our memories.

Frankenstein’s Monster is a myth, in literature and cinema. And the TS+FF2018 celebrates with him his two-hundredth birthday, with films, live soundtracks and special events:

Martedì 30 ottobre – ore 23:00 – Teatro Miela
Boris Karloff’s body, Mary Shelley’s creature, OvO’s music. Science fiction’s foundation myth comes alive again after 200 years, and this time the OvO will give it new electrical noisy impulses that promise to revive the dead!

Thursday 01st November – 10AM – Café Rossetti
Alfredo Castelli, comic creator and writer, in a morning conversation with Fabio Pagan. Together they’ll explore of the most fascinating characters of science fiction: Frankenstein’s creature.

Thursday 01st November – 11AM – Café Rossetti
IT’S ALIVE!!! ALLA RICERCA DEL SACRO GRAAL (The Search for the Holy Grail)
Con Francesco Loffredo (International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Università degli Studi di Trieste)
Modera: Simona Regina (giornalista scientifica)
The search for immortality: a desire that unites science and science fiction, reality and imagination. Francesco Loffredo from the ICGEB (International Centre for Genetic Engeneering and Biotechnology) will talk about it with the scientific journalist Simona Regina.

Sunday 04th November – 3:30pm – Teatro Miela
Frankenstein, che meraviglia! Tra letture e visioni [Frankenstein, how wonderful! Between Readings and Visions]
The young participants will discover one of the most intriguing monsters of literature and cinema, who was able to scare us, but also make us think and feel.
Conceived together with the Sistema Bibliotecario Giuliano, the event is perfect for kids aged 10-13.[:]