If we look back to our childhood, we will see that we all had a favourite toy, a Transformer, a Master of the Universe, a Barbie doll. Some of these toys may have stayed with us, others may have been rescued by collectors, the most unlucky ones will have ended up in a trash bin, discarded by that mysterious giant who cleaned up the loft. Toy Photography expresses the love for these toys, giving life to objects that don’t have one of their own, tells a story or a feeling with one single shot, and chooses the reality of what you can see directly in the camera rather than post-production. And so, just one click and you’ll be the one to decide who wins between Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, finally put in his place – to the delight of Skeletor – that blond workout fanatic with his furry underwear, or stage Cannibal Holocaust using tiny Lego figures. If you’d like to be a child again, but with an adult consciousness, this and more awaits you at the exhibition Never Say Toys.

saturday 29 october
opening ore 18.00
monday 31 october — sunday 6 november
10.00 — 13.00 e 15.00 — 19.00

Federico Scargiali
Federico Scargiali, born in 1984. Lover, in the most pathological sense, of that horror hand-crafted cinema which has not been contaminated by the abomination of the pixels. Founder of the independent production company Visceravisions. Director and screenwriter of several titles which touch different themes, from suicide to the cross-breeding of different species generating new life. Compulsive collector, he decides to give sense to his entropic accumulation of figures by giving them new and bright life in what is more commonly referred to as Toy Photography.