Nine Neon movies to see today

A day full to the brim with competing films begins today at 3.00pm with Nuclear Family and ends with Saint at 11.00pm.
Nuclear Family, 3.00pm, Room 6
A young couple tries to survive what seems to be a nuclear holocaust. Society has disintegrated and the family must escape the Berserker: brutal savages that have made violence their lifestyle. An experimental style for an innovative web series.
The Prodigies 3D, 3.15pm, Room 2
X-Men meet Scanners in this original animated 3D film. Five youngsters discover that they have incredible powers, but a violent attack soon after in Central Park unleashes a destructive and vengeful instinct in them. The world’s last hope of salvation is their talent scout.
Extraterrestrial, 3.30pm, Room 4
Waking up in the bedroom of a beautiful stranger after a night of sex and alcohol might already be fantasy for many. However the embarrassment of waking up gives way to disbelief, given the discovery that a giant spaceship is parked over the rooves of the city. A fantasy-comedy about intergalactic misunderstandings.
The arrival of Wang, 5.30pm, Room 2
A Chinese interpreter struggling with a super-secret translation in a dark room with a secret agent devoid of any scruples and the elusive Mr. Wang. Nothing on Earth will ever be the same once the identity and origin of the mysterious Wang are revealed.
Monsters, 5.45pm, Room 4
Monstruous alien beings infest the area beyond the Mexican border. Only the army and a huge wall stop the creatures getting out. While crossing the quarantine zone, two young guys discover the truth about the war and their own feelings.
Target, 7.45pm, Room 6
Russia, 2020. The country is prospering, but the upper class is unhappy, death and old age remain unresolved worries. However, it is said that those who spend their time at the centre of a secret, Soviet-era structure called “Target” come out young and healthy. But at what cost?
Troll Hunter, 8.30pm, Room 4
A trio of university students armed with video cameras follow a mysterious “poacher” on the hunt for strange beings that leave death and destruction in their wake. An adventure through the Norwegian glaciers in search of the true nature of the creatures: trolls.
The Show Must Go On, 10.30pm, Room 4
180 days days shut in the Big Brother house seemed like a great opportunity, so it’s a shame that in the meantime a nuclear war has exploded and that the conductor of the show has kept everyone in the dark. An irreverent and desperate look at the media and society.
Saint, 11.00pm, Room 2
A disgraced bishop terrorises the land until the people manage to kill him, but not before he swears to return from the afterworld. The true story of Saint Nicholas: the 6th December will never be the same after this film.


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