See You Tomorrow

Mañana nos vemos
Isac Betancourt Valladares
Mexico 2016, 10’

Città del Messico viene colpita da un’epidemia, che trasforma le persone infette in esseri orribili. Nel caos più totale, Beatriz resta orfana ed entra nelle case abbandonate, senza preoccuparsi del pericolo che corre.

Mexico City has gone through an epidemic where infected people become terrible beings. In the middle of the chaos, Beatriz gets orphaned and finds interesting to break into abandoned homes because of the virus outbreak, no matter how dangerous her actions are.

Isac Betancourt Valladares
Daniel Piza Ruiz
Isac Betancourt Valladares
Dana Karvelas, Terry Zavala, Dafne Uribe Frías
Isac Betancourt Valladares, Adriana EnrÌquez Oliver, Daniel Piza Ruiz, Ignacio Betancourt

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