At ŻUBROFFKA we often reach to the unknown, explore and show film genres and topics that are difficult to approach, but powerful in their meaningfulness. This year we look up to the stars and the land of mystery in this set of films by Polish authors embracing themes of loneliness in space, urban fantasy, visions of technology horror we bring upon ourselves, or being lost in modern world.

Although the setting may be off this world, the core of these stories is close to our hearts and souls. Closer than we may admit.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 01 | Teatro Miela | h 14.00

Konstruktor / Constructor
Piotr Dylewski, 2016, 20’

Deer Boy
Katarzyna Gondek, 2017, 15’

Czerń / Black
Tomasz Popakul, 2016, 14’

Deszcz / Rain
Piotr Milczarek, 2019, 5’

Soyuz Luna
Ewa Radzewicz, 2015, 5’

Jakub Grygier, 2015, 12’