Science-fiction and fantasy are inspirational worlds which have always tweaked creativity of both visual artists and musicians. Therefore, if a light beam becomes a sword, noise can turn into music: images and sounds can be put together to produce a new collective imagination able to create new emotions by mixing them. This is the reason why the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival has also been a music stage for many years: it is an opportunity to take science-fiction out of the lm screens and into the nights.

Hypersonic Party Double G & Glide
ore 22.00 — Round Midnight — free entrance

Double G & Glide have been raised on a diet of bread and photon rays and will take care of your ears with a mix of black and electronic music, knowingly selected especially for the science-fiction event. Remix, citations and original sampling, in set that will propel you in hyperspace.

Kenobisboch vs Aliens
a sci-fi retrogaming night with Kenobisboch Prod.

ore 19.00 — Aqvedotto Caffè — free entrance

Kenobisboch Productions, brotherhood of gentlemen-nerd for the diffusion of retrogaming culture, founded by Fabio “Kenobit” Bortolotti and Andrea “Bisboch” Babich live and streaming on

La Notte degli Ultracorpi – Wolfgang Flür (ex Kraftwerk)
ore 23.30 — Mandracchio — with invitation

The alchemist behind Kraftwerk famous synth rhythm will be the Master of Ceremonies in the phantasmagoric Night of the body snatchers. The man who imagined the music of the future will give us a lesson in style, retracing his career to date.