The nights of Trieste Science+Fiction will light up with music, concerts and parties.
The famous La Notte degli Ultracorpi will take place in the new venue of the beautiful Salone degli Incanti, the former fish market designed by Giorgio Polli and built in 1913 on like a cathedral on the sea. Special guest of Saturday, November 7th’s party will be Alexander Robotnick, aka Maurizio Dami, a pioneer of Italian electronic music. A true living legend: his productions of the early 80s have been played and remixed by all kinds of dj since, from electro to Italo- disco, from house to Carl Craig’s techno.
A fine music expert, in his energetic and charismatic sets he mixes Italo-disco gems and new wave with the more update techno he is making the world dance to, from Detroit to Brasil, from China to Canada. Resident djs, Mothership’s Alain The Lone and Electrosacher’s Jazza and Cannibal Se-Lecter.

► Sabato 7 novembre 2015 ► Start 23.00
► Salone degli Incanti ► riva nazario sauro 1  
È possibile ritirare l’invito presso l’infopoint del Trieste Science+Fiction in via delle Torri da sabato 31 ottobre a sabato 2 novembre, dalle 10.00 alle 13.00 e dalle 16.00 alle 19.00.