The miniseries Blatta is the official adapting of the namesake celebrated graphic novel created by Alberto Ponticelli, a fascinating dystopian mural with rarefied neo-noir atmospheres, halfway between Mad Max and High-Rise.

Holed up between the damp walls of claustrophobic industrial complexes, the men of the future are busy with non-stop maintenance activities, and never communicate with each other, nor with the external world. They work. Feed themselves. Sleep. Some of them may dream. On a day like any other, a man of the future — the Fifth reincarnation of a man with no identity — unconsciously triggers, because of an insect that has found its way inside his home-cell, a mechanism which will draw him away from the alienating “artificial paradise” he had chosen to live in. Forced to explore the godforsaken roads of a metropolis in ruins, where no trace of mankind is left, “Number Five” will have to risk his own immortality to discover once again the sense of life.
The original drawings of the exhibition are a gift to Trieste Science+Fiction Festival and offer a vision of a dirty and suffocating science fiction, witness to a possible future which we would all want to avoid. which each of us would like to avoid. The exhibition forms an integral part of Blatte, a cross medial project which mixes illustrative arts, live performances and cinematographic seriality, realized by Parsec Teatro and Grey Ladder, with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo.

tuesday 1 / sunday 6 november
from 17.00 to theatre closure

Alberto Ponticelli
Alberto Ponticelli is an award-winning cartoonist and internationally famous illustrator, who has under his belt several collaborations with publishing houses such as Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, IDW, Vertigo, Disney, DC Comics, Koei Japan and Les Humanoides Associatés. In 2009, his work on Unknown Soldier received a nomination for the Eisner Award. Published for the first time in Italy in 2008, Blatta quickly became a proper cult among the fans, and repeated its commercial success in 2014 with the reprint.