Eric Schockmel
Luxembourg, 2020, 72’, col., HD
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Eric Schockmel
Fotografia/Cinematography Serge Benassutti, Vitalijus Kiselius
Montaggio/Editing Felix Sorger
Suono/Sound Philippe Kohn, Arnaud Mellet, Angelo Dos Santos, Michel Schillings
Musica/Music Francesco Tristano, Pascal Schumacher
Produttore/Producer Bernard Michaux
Produzione/Production Samsa Film

One hundred years before the Internet, a self-declared tech guru started preaching the future to his flock of outsiders. Meet the most influential nerd you may never have heard of: Hugo Gernsback. Things are named after him: a science fiction award that few people associate with his work, a moon crater invisible from Earth, and a street in Luxembourg where no building has an address. Decades in advance he foresaw Skype, jetpacks, space mining and drones. But even though he would accumulate over 80 patents throughout his life and befriend the likes of Edison and Tesla, his most influential invention remains Science Fiction.