Cercando Valentina – Il mondo di Guido Crepax


[Searching for Valentina – The world of Guido Crepax]
Italy, 2019, 75’
by Giancarlo Soldi
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Giancarlo Soldi, Marco Lodoli – Fotografia/Cinematography Giuseppe Baresi – Montaggio/Editing Silvia Di Domenico – Musica/Music Teho Teardo – Effetti speciali/Special Effects Chromatica – Interpreti/Cast Riccardo Vianello – Produttore/Producer Stefania Casini – Produzione, Distribuzione italiana/Production, Italian Distribution Bizef Produzione

The late ‘60s: Guido Crepax picks up on the new energy in Milan, a creative hothouse undergoing what is also an aesthetic revolution, and transfers it to a comic strip. The dreamy photographer Valentina, Crepax’s alter ego, becomes a cross-generational icon. An elegant and sophisticated erotic dream for men, a symbol of independence, charm and seduction for women. Searching for Valentina is a voyage in search of Valentina and of her creator, where past and present mingle, the narration takes a syncopated rhythm, at times rarefied, just like in the drawings by Crepax. The world of the comic strip comes to life and Philip Rembrandt, who in Valentina’s stories is the lover, leads us in the search for all those who have loved, understood and collected her.