Last Sunrise


[Zui hao de ri chu]
China, 2019, 104’
by Wen Ren
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Elly Li, Wen Ren – Fotografia/Cinematography Matthias Delvaux – Montaggio/Editing Wen Ren – Musica/Music Hank Lee – Effetti visivi/Visual Effects Art Miroshin – Interpreti/Cast Jue Zhang, Ran Zhang, Yue Zhang – Produttori/Producers Mingqian Li, Xinran Li – Produzione/Production Lian Ray Pictures

In the future, instead of a red giant expansion, the sun mysteriously disappears. A solar reliant civilization is plagued by apocalyptic consequences. In a failing electric car, Yang, a reclusive astronomer, and Mu, his bubbly neighbor, escape the warm and comfortable lifestyle of District One. Temperature goes subzero in District Two, a ghost city with standstill windmills. Oxygen depletes in District Three, as they grapple with a gang of brainwashed coal miners. The only hope for the neighbours is that a miracle awaits them at their final destination, District Four. Akin to the now orphan planet earth, Yang and Mu gravitate forward, in search of light in the perpetual darkness.