Iron Sky: The Coming Race


Finland, Germany, Belgium, 2019, 93’
by Timo Vuorensola
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Dalan Musson – Fotografia/Cinematography Mika Orasmaa – Montaggio/Editing Joona Louhivuori, Jan Hameeuw – Suono/Sound Martin Frühmorgen – Musica/Music Tuomas Kantelinen, Laibach – Effetti speciali/Special Effects Martin Kleist – Effetti visivi/Visual Effects Pixomondo – Interpreti/Cast Lara Rossi, Vladimir Burlakov, Kit Dale, Udo Kier, Tom Green – Produttori/Producers Tero Kaukomaa, Tom Hameeuw, Peter De Maegd, Oliver Damian – Produzione/Production Iron Sky Universe, 27 Films Production, Potemkino – Distribuzione internazionale/International Distribution Myriad Pictures – Distribuzione italiana/Italian DistributionMinerva Pictures

Conspiracy theorists have long alleged that for all of human history the highest echelons of world’s governments have been infiltrated by the Vril, a race of shape-shifting reptilian humanoids. And, you know what? It’s all true. 65 million years ago they went into the center of the Earth. Now they are coming back. The story of the film begins some 30 years after the events of Iron Sky. Earth was ruined in a nuclear war, and the few survivors have fled to the dark side of the Moon. The slow decline of humankind is disturbed by the arrival of one last ship of refugees, with a surprising glimmer of hope: buried deep into the Hollow Earth lies a power that could save the last of humanity – or destroy it once and for all.