Tajemství Ocelového Mest


Cecoslovacchia, 1979, colore, 35mm, 91′
di Ludvík Ráza
Sceneggiatura Ludvík Ráza, Jules Verne (story), Ondrej Vogeltanz – Fotografia Jan Nemecek – Montaggio Josef Valusiak – Musica Lubos Fiser – Interpreti Jaromír Hanzlík, Martin Ruzek, Josef Vinklár – Produzione Ceskoslovenská Televize, Filmové studio Barrandov

Professor Sarrasin is the wise governor of “Fortuna”, a city founded and born out of the ideals of progress and peace among the people. He sends his stepson Marcel Zodiak inside the walls of the “Steel City”, the fortified metropolis that was erected not far from them, on the other side of a river, in which he suspects something shady is being plotted.