Tumannost Andromedy


Andromeda Nebula – USSR, 1968, color, 35mm, 77′
by Yevgeny Sherstobitov
Script Yevgeny Sherstobitov, Vladimir Dimitriyevski, Ivan Yefremov (novel) – Cinematography Nikolay Yefremov – Music Yakov Lapinsky – Cast Viya Artmane, Sergey Stolyarov, Nicolay Kryukov – Production Dovzhenko Studios

A group of humans on the spaceship Tantra, are tasked with investigating an unexplored area of space. During the course of the voyage the ship is trapped by the gravitational force of an iron star and is held in place for 20 years. Surrounded by predators who eat human flesh through clothing, one by one the crew begin to fall prey, with the only source of protection being the light from the Tantra, which has the ability to scare away the predators. Based upon the Andromeda Nebula novel by Ivan Yefremov.