Ne jouez pas avec les Martiens


Lent in the Month of March – France, 1967, color, 35mm, 77′
by Henri Lanoë
Script Johanna Harwood, Henri Lanoë, Michel Labry (novel ‘Les sextuplés de Loqmaria’) – Cinematography René Mathelin – Editing Michel Lewin – Music Henri Lanoë – Cast Jean Rochefort, Macha Méril, Jean Ozenne – Production Fildebroc, Les Productions Artistes Associés

Two incompetent journalists of the Paris Gazette – René Mastier and the photographer Paddy – are sent to Locmaria Island, off the coast of Brittany, to cover the story of a woman who will give birth to quintuplets. When the nurse Yvonne sends a telex announcing the landing of the Martians on the island, everyone gets restless.