FIFF 1966

Festival Internazionale del Film di Fantascienza – 4


Wind blowing from the East.
Many works presented at the first editions of the Festival are from Eastern Europe, mainly from the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia.
Who wants to kill Jessie? (Czechoslovakia) by Vaclav Vorlicek is awarded the Asteroide d’oro in the 1966 edition. It is a breezy satire of the comics heroes, mainly of Superman.
A Tribute to Gustave Moreau takes place in Palazzo Costanzi.
The Festival hosts around eighty guests including critics, journalists, filmmakers, writers and scientists. Arthur C. Clarke, author of the subject of 2001: A Space Odyssey, a Stanley Kubrick’s film, takes part in the event too.

The films

Wild, Wild Planet / Antonio Margheriti (Anthony M. Dawson)
The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin / Aleksandr Gintsburg
Invasion / Alan Bridges
Invasion of Astro-Monster / Ishirô Honda
Lost in Space [TV] S1E1: The Reluctant Stowaway / Anton Leader
L’or et le plomb / Alain Cuniot
Sound of Horror / José Antonio Nieves Conde
Island of Terror / Terence Fisher
Who Wants to Kill Jessie? / Vaclav Vorluicek