Fantastic Film Forum
October 30th – 31st

How to make your project international: coproduction and sales

The workshop will be an intensive practical laboratory focusing on film development and promotion strategies for the international market. Because of limited local financing capacity, more and more independent European producers have to make their projects international ever since the developing stage. This course will provide a practical guide to the strategies and to the creative, legal and financial aspects underlying the development and promotion of projects for the international markets. The workshop will be held by two internationalization professionals, and will host speeches by special guests.

Tutors: Dario Vecchiato – Head of Acquisitions, Gapbusters (Belgium); Rickard Olsson – International Acquisitions, Picture Tree International GmbH (Germany)

The workshop will be held online
Limited enrolment; 15 participants maximum.



DAY 1: General overview: what working internationally means

  • Local funding (Italy, France, Germany, etc.): tax credit and public funding
  • International funding: Eurimages, Art, binational funding, etc.
  • Thinking your film from an international point of view: natural or financial co-productions, gaps to be covered or genuine foreign participation
  • The role of the sales agent, the “international” agent for the film

DAY 2: Practical examples

  • Sample case of a co-produced film with clarifying material (financing plan, budget, basic formulation for a co-production contract)
  • Sample case of a film sold and distributed on the markets (estimates, lists of markets, spacial analysis)
  • Final pitching to motivate the search for an international co-production (10 minutes for each participant). Discussion with the tutors to highlight difficulties, share ideas and suggest improvements

The presence of a project at any phase of development is strongly advised; all kind of projects will be accepted, regardless of genre and format (feature films, short films, documentaries, etc.), provided that they are of audiovisual character. The participants without a project will be associated to others during the creation of the working groups.

Those who wish to present a project must send the finance plan and a document of max 2 pages (in Italian or English) listing:

  • Title
  • Logline
  • Synopsis (max 15 lines)
  • Max 15 lines explaining the project’s intent (max 15 lines)
  • Additional notes (optional)

Materials must be sent by October 27th to the email address:


Dario Vecchiato
After studying in Stuttgart’s Filmakademie Ludwigsburg and in Paris’ La Femis, he moves to France where he works as Head of Acquisitions for Rezo International and Indie Sales, sales agents based in Paris. He is currently Head of Acquisitions at Gapbusters, Belgian production company dealing with high budget international co-productions.

Rickard Olsson
Rickard has worked across a variety of roles within the European film industry since the mid-90’s, among others for film funds and institutions such as Film i Väst, the Swedish Film Institute, MEDIA Programme, Creative Europe and Maia Workshops, a programme for European producers. He lectures at training initiatives and consult companies and institutions on project development, financing and distribution. He is currently in charge of International Acquisitions for German distribution company Picture Tree International GmbH.


How to register

Registration on the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival official page on Eventival.
Fee: 55€;  corporate discounted rates: 30€ (reserved to: audiovisual professionals and companies based in Friuli-Venezia Giulia; AGICI members; Doc/It members; EURASF members). Payment by credit card and PayPal.
Workshop registration includes the SCI-FI PRO plus pass, which grants access to all the events of the Fantastic Film Forum programme.