Sam Bell has been a faithful employee of Lunar Industries for three long years. His home has been Sarang, a moon base where he has worked alone. Two weeks shy of his departure, Sam discovers
that Lunar Industries have their own plans for replacing him… Luca Maria Baldini‘s sonorization is not just cinema nor a concert: it is an original audio-visual performance.

FRIDAY 01 NOVEMBER | 22.00 | Teatro Miela

The live soundtrack of Moon, composed and performed by Luca Maria Baldini, was first played in 2018 at the Cinemasuono Festival, commissioned by its artistic director Matteo Fusconi (Scambiamenti). Baldini musically reinterprets the film live through samplings of dialogue and ambient sounds blending into an unreleased soundtrack. The melody (a tribute to the typical accompanying piano music in film theatres at the beginnning of the twentieth century) pairs up with contemporary electronic sounds, a fusion bringing past and present together. Moon’s live soundtrack is neither just a film screening nor just a concert, but a true visual and sound performance.