TS+FF 19 – DAY 1 Tuesday 29th october 2019

TS+FF 2019 spaceship, third officer initial report. Cargo and ship about to launch into the hyperspace. All passengers are onboard the theatre and seated. We should reach the border in six days. Over and out.
Let the journey begin.

h 17:00 – Politeama Rossetti
There are “facehuggers”, a toothy belly-ripping alien, Lieutenant Ripley. There’s even a kitten. We’re practically in myth territory.
Alien is back on the big screen with a restored version for its 40th anniversary. But don’t forget: “In space, no one can hear you scream.”

h 20:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Little Joe + Opening ceremony
A “petalful” movie. Little Joe is a very special flower which makes its owners very happy as long as they take constant care of it. But is this delicate little plant really that harmless?
The first one to doubt it is the scientist who created Little Joe, Alice, played by Emily Beecham, winner of the Cannes Palme d’Or for best leading actress.

h 22:30 – Politeama Rossetti
What if tomorrow you woke up and found out that you’re a monster?
In a Brooklyn loft, by the hands of a sick and depressed field doctor, the modern Frankenstein is born. He’s Adam, “the first man”, bred by insanity and greed, born in a cradle of lies. But soon the truth comes to surface, and there’ll be a lot of trouble.

h 10:00 – Mediateca della Cappella Underground
Fantastic Film Forum
Workshop “From film concept to distribution”

The first of three days dedicated to movie industry professionals, filmmaker, screenwriters, producers and distributors of genre movies. They will invade Trieste with their projects to get to know and learn from each other and exchange ideas. Who knows, the next sci-fi masterpiece may see the light right here.

h 20:00 – Politeama Rossetti
L’Ingenua Curiosità (The Naive Curiosity), exhibition
by Jacopo Starace
A whole visual imagery, snapshots from the edge between dream and reality, dystopic poems and, namely, a “naive curiosity”. The author of the wonderful TS+FF 2019 poster will bring all this to Trieste until Sunday, November 3rd during theatre opening times.


TS+FF 19 – DAY 2 Wednesday 30th october

I’ll be back”.
He had promised, and here it is. Dear old Schwarzy has just discovered he will not be able to run as President of the United States, but he will get over the disappointment on the screen of the Politeama Rossetti theatre frying up bad boy robots of every kind. Terminator: Dark Fate is tonight’s movie, but the whple of Day 2 at TS+FF 2019 is chock-a-block full of the best goodies science fiction can offer. For example, the live soundtrack of L’Uomo Meccanico (The mechanical Man) at the Evangelical-Lutheran Church, an unprecedented and really, really special event.

h 14:00 – Politeama Rossetti
If <Girlfriend Deluxe>
Steve Moss GB, 2018, 7’
Patrice Gablin Francia, 2019, 17’
The Auxiliary
Frédéric Plasman Belgio, 2018, 9’
A Little Taste
Victor Català Spagna, 2019, 5’
Anna Sobolevska Ucraina, 2018, 24’
The Third Hand
Yoni Weisberg GB, 2018, 10’
Jan-David Bolt, Svizzera, 2019, 9’
Moon Drops
Yoram Ever-Hadani Israele, Serbia, 2018, 16’
Bee Together
Tiago Iúri, Portogallo, 2018, 8’
F for Freaks
Sabine Ehrl Germania, 2019, 30’

h 15:30 – Teatro Miela
Steampunk Connection
We bet you know at least one. Or you have been one yourself, maybe. Or you have seen them parade in a cosplay contest, with their corsets, Victorian suits and welder’s goggles. They are the steampunks, and this movie is a passionate portrayal of their style.

h 17:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Memory: The Origins of Alien
Egyptian mythology, underground comics, H.P. Lovecraft, the art of Francis Bacon and the dark hallucinations of O’Bannon and Giger. Mix it all together, add the right dose of visionary attitude and… Bam! Here it is: Alien.
A movie ingrained in our imagination, a search for the references and inspirations which made Ridley Scott’s masterpiece become a science fiction milestone.

h 17:30 – Teatro Miela
Hi, AI
“Hey Siri, take me to the TS+FF-“ How important is AI in our lives today? And how will things change with the arrival of humanoid robots? This documentary, shot between the United States and Tokyo, explores the relationships beteen hunans and artificial creatures, among misunderstandings, idiosyncrasies and a few disturbing thoughts.

h 20:00 – Politeama Rossetti
After Midnight
Hank e Abby are in love. BUT: one day she disappears in thin air. And: there is a monstrous creature creeping out of the woods at night. The premise for a great science fiction story we will hear about for a long time are all there.
After the applause at the Tribeca Festival, After Midnight lands here at the TS+FF for its Italian premiere.

h 20:00 – Teatro Miela
Blood Machines
Space bounty killers, ghosts in flames, spaceships with a soul. And fluorescent mists in deep space. After Turbo Killer – a music video with 7 million views on Youtube – Seth Ickerman’s blood machines become a movie, a story between metaphysics and synthwave music, amazing special effects and references to the 80’s.

h 20:30 – Chiesa Evangelica Luterana
L’Uomo Meccanico – Live soundtrack by Luca Maria Baldini
Imagine to cross the threshold of a church and find two robots fighting. You are surrounded by an electric, embracing sound. A new sound, an “old” movie and one of the most enchanting locations in Trieste. Every man for himself, it’s The Mechanical Man!

h 22:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Terminator: Dark Fate
After 28 years Kinda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron are back together for a new chapter of the Terminator saga. As a director, the Deadpool and Love, Death & Robots genius, Tim Miller. On board, also, the star of The Martian, Blade Runner 2049, Halt and Catch Fire (and of San Junipero ,one of the most acclaimed episodes of Black Mirror): Mackenzie Davis.
All in all, we’re all oak and iron bound. Or rather metal liquid bound.

h 22:00 – Teatro Miela
Time Perspectives
A rural village in the South of Italy and a time machine, built by mistake. A father and a son who have to deal with the consequences of actions that are not yet taken. Among dilapidated houses and miles and miles of wheat fields, a film that reflects upon what determines our future.

h 00:30 – Teatro Miela
She is not perfect enough to work in the fashion industry, an elite and a cruel environment. To make things worse, she is left disfigured after a car accident. She has her face reshaped with stem cells and she becomes a goddess. Little collateral damage: Sarah has now developed an insatiable thirst for blood.

starting h 10:00 – Ridottino del Teatro Miela
Futurology meetings
The TS+FF conversations between science and science fiction of the Futurology programme are back. Today we discover the origins of Alien, travel into the future on board the Opcina tram and take a dive into weirdness. Actually, beyond weirdness..
Check the detailed programme

starting h 10:00 – Savoia Excelsior Palace
Fantastic Film Forum
The focus of today’s Fantastic Film Forum meeting is on distribution: what’s next? How does digital distribution work? How can we face the chalenge of a world changing so rapidly? A unique opportunity for industry professionals, who will be finding new ideas, useful suggestions and a networking space.

starting h 14:00 – Mediateca La Cappella Underground
Fantastic Film Forum
Workshop “How to set up an international coproduction”
How to develop and finance an international coproduction from the screenplay to the premiere? Today’s workshop will offer practical tools to get to know all the secrets of the craft never to be caught unprepared.


TS+FF 19 – DAY 3 Thursday 31st october 2019

Hitler riding a T-Rex. It may be enough to drag you all to the theatre. But today there’s much more in store. MUCH, much more.

h 14:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Alexandra Lupashko – Russia, 2019, 4’
Mark Lediard, Gavin Williams – GB, 2019, 15’
Robot Will Protect You
Nicola Piovesan – Estonia, 2018, 11’
The Burden
Nico van den Brink – Paesi Bassi, 2019, 17’
Stop invasione!
Leopoldo Medugno – Italia, 2019, 18’
The Little One
Danilo Bećković – Serbia, 2018, 9’
Hervé Freiburger – Francia, 2018, 7’
This Time Away
Magali Barbé – GB, 2019, 14’
Article 19-42
Julien Becker – Lussemburgo, 2019, 15’
Avarya F
Gökalp Gönen – Turchia, 2018, 20’

h 15:00 – Teatro Miela
Society + Conversation with Brian Yuzna
An iconic director, awarded many times over in genre festivals all over the world, a an expert fanta-horror and splatter artist: it’s Brian Yuzna!
Not only is he President of the jury of the Asteroide Award this year, but he will also be celebrating with the  TS+FF audience the 30th anniversary of his masterpiece Society, with a special screening and a public conversation.

h 17:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Code 8
Do you have superpowers? Well, boy, in Code 8 society there’s no place for you. You will be hunted down by drone police-robots, discriminated and exiled.
Based on a short film financed by 2 million dollars of crowdfunding, an Italian premiere full of adrenalin, big robots and lots of shooting and chasing.

h 17:30 – Teatro Miela
I am Human
Science is working to discover the mysteries of the mind and increase human possibilities. But where will all this lead to? What is the line between human and mechanicall? This documentary shows the bold development of the first three cyborgs in the world, beyond the evolution of the species.

h 20:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Iron Sky: The Coming Race
The second chapter of one of the most iconic and weird sciemce fiction movies ever. The nazis are still there, hiding in their moon base. But there are also shape-shifting reptilians, dinosaurs and many classic genre movie scenes.

h 20:00 – Teatro Miela
Blood Bags
“Don’t go inside that house”* is an advice it would be wise to always follow. But…
A claustrophobic horror movie that will leave you breathless. And there’s no way out.
* (NdT) a pun with the Italian titles of Prom Night and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Non entrate in quella casa – don’t go inside that house – and Non aprite quella porta – don’t open that door)

h 22:00 – Politeama Rossetti
In The Trap
Philip has built a shelter to keep evil out and away. He is a prisoner of his own apartment, while a dark demonic presence tries to violate his refuge. Everything will be alright, as long as he does not fall asleep at the wrong moment…

h 00:15 – Teatro Miela
The “extreme horror dealer” Joe Begos is back with a vengeance and brings us a movie experience out of the ordinary to say the least. Hard drugs, alcohol and a new psychedelic substance which will turn the main character’s life upside down, a gut-wrenching late night film.

starting h 10:00 – Ridottino del Teatro Miela
Futurology meetings
Rubber dolls and robot dolls, brain computer interfaces and artificial intelligence challenging writers and journalists.
Today, the futurology conversations will lead us into what may appear to be science-fiction territory, but is in fact already a reality. So real that we can touch it.
Oggi gli incontri di Futurologia ci portano in terreni che sembrano fantascientifici, ma sono vicinissimi a noi. Talmente vicini da poterli toccare.
Check the detailed programme

starting h 10:00 – Savoia Excelsior Palace
Fantastic Film Forum
The last and most anticipated event of the Fantastic Film Forum: the Open Day, meetings and networking of industry professionals and our SCI-FI Pro badge holders.

h 17:00 – Ridottino del Teatro Miela
Tecno Virus Triestini Satanisti
A mysterious project. Strange writings have been appearing on the walls and benches in town. Today, we will discover why. Instantly a cult.

h 18:00 – Ridottino del Teatro Miela
Firenze VR
Federico Russo is the ideal tour guide to show us around Florence in a fully immersive Virtual Reality experience. It may sound like a regular tour, but don’t count on it: you may get a surprise.

h 19:00 and 21:00 – Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico
Speed Science – Scary Science
Anything can happen in the scariest night of the year: becoming a scientist or meeting ghosts, zombies and witness supernatural forces at work! A lab for little monster hunters in collaboration with the Science Centre – Immaginario Scientifico.

h 20:30 – Kleine Berlin
Spiral, Shreds of Future
Lorenzo Acquaviva brings a premiere to the TS+FF 2019, a show to be performed in the fascinating location of the Kleine Berlin airbomb shelters. Poetry, tales of the future, shreds of visuals. And a journey through parallel worlds, in Upsidedown Trieste.

h 22:00 – Teatro Miela
XYQuartet – Multimedia Performance
By treating and editing vintage photos live, videoartis Claudio Sichel and the jazz XYQuartet will lead us into the universe of sounds and stories by the pioneers who first flew in orbit around Earth.



TS+FF 19 – DAY 4 Friday 01st november 2019

Ding ding! Dear passengers, today our interstellar cruiser will take you to a thousand destinations. To Poland, China, in the middle of an alien nebula, on the Moon, among the waves of the ocean, to the castle of Valburg…
Do not fear, and relax, we are already in supersonic mode: we will touch all the expected destinations and our tour will only stop when the night is nearly over. We wish you a very pleasant journey with the TS+FF.

h 11:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Star Trek – The Movie
A treat for all the Trekkies out there who will be able to see the original cast challenged by an alien cloud destroying everything it meets on its track.
The first of the thirteen movies of the Star Trek Universe is back for its 40th anniversary, in better shape than ever!

h 14:00 – Teatro Miela
Piotr Dylewski 2016, 20’
Deer Boy
Katarzyna Gondek 2017, 15’
Tomasz Popakul 2016, 14’
Piotr Milczarek 2019, 5’
Soyuz Luna
Ewa Radzewicz 2015, 5’
Jakub Grygier 2015, 12’

h 15:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Last Sunrise
What happens in a society almost exclusively relying on solar energy if the sun disappears? The temperature drops below zero, oxygen starts being in short supply. It’s chaos. The only hope to survive is District Four. But moving fast is of the essence. Now. From China, one of the most acclaimed sci-fi movies in festivals all over the world.

h 17:30 – Politeama Rossetti
I am REN
What if one day you discover your wife is an android? And not working properly, either. You may lose everything you’ve got, everything you know.

h 17:30 – Teatro Miela
Breakpoint. A Counter History of Progress
Industrial revolution. The technological one. The development of the coal and oil era. In other words, everything we lived through in 200 years of history. But what if things had gone differently? Breakpoint tries to imagine this exactly: a kind of Sliding Doors of science and progress, a documentary showing what our world would be like if we had taken other directions.

h 20:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Sea Fever
You are on a fishing trawler in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Only waves, salted water and sky surrounding you. Already scary enough, but on top of that let’s say a mysterious creature is holding you hostage. Otherwise, how can we have fun?

h 20:00 – Teatro Miela
Midday Demons
In Italian, the word “controra” is used to define the hottest hours of the day. We always imagine ghosts and spirits attacking us in the dark, at night, in the shadows. But waht would happen if they should haunt our afternoon siesta?

h 22:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Blind Spot
What would you do if your superpower was to be able to become invisible? You would spy on your neighbours, of course! Indeed, Dominick does not do much else with it. Superpowers, though, are a mixed blessing, especially if you start losing control. From an original idea by writer Emmanuel Carrère, the movie has won critical acclaim all over the world.

h 22:00 – Teatro Miela
Moon – Live score by Luca Maria Baldini
Duncan Jones’ disquieting masterpiece through a completely new, surprising and alienating experience, with a live soundtrack created by Luca Maria Baldini.
But be prepared: it’s not “just” a concert. It’s a visual and musical performance which will take you far away. And that will stay with you for a long, long time.

h 00:15 – Teatro Miela
The Curse of Valburga
Swedish Satanists, French goths, a Russian porn producer with two of his actresses and two German beer-lovers enter the castel of Valburga. It sounds like a joke, but it’s not at all funny (not for them, that is!)

starting h 10:00 – Ridottino del Teatro Miela
Futurology meetings
“Why are you there, Moon, in the sky? Tell me why you are there, silent Moon.” From real or fictionary incursions on our satellite we will move to the world of rock, punk, musical counterculture and how and when they have crossed with science fiction. And finally, a moment of panic for all gamers out there: we will talk about independent videogames with the creator of the iconic Plaguemon, the splatter-gore version of Pokémon.
Check the detailed programme

h 16:00 – Teatro Miela
It has touched!
Tito Stagno is the voice that on July 20th, 1969 held the hand of millions of Italians to led them to the Moon with his memorable live broadcast. At TS+FF we will finally hear that voice in person and learn everything about that crucial moment.
And maybe we will also be able to ask Tito Stagno if the rumours he was broadcasting the first Moon landing by mankind in history wearing only his underpants behind his desk.

h 18:00 – Teatro Miela
The World of 1920+
Jakub Różalski creates anachronistic and disturbing scenarios, where machines and robots are working in the fields next to farm labourers of the early 20th century and spaceships cross the steppes where the First World Was is being fought.
Until November 3rd, during the theatre’s opening times, you can dream you are part of this imaginary world, too. The world of 1920+.

h 18:30 – Kleine Berlin
Spiral, Shreds of Future
The atmosphere of decay of the Kleine Berlin air raid shelter. Poetry, shreds of audiovisuals. Lorenzo Acquaviva’s voice. And a journey to parallel worlds, in Trieste’s “Upside Down”.

h 20:00 – Ridottino del Teatro Miela
Firenze VR
At first you will think this is a straightforward VR tour of Florence, visiting the city’s squareas and buildings of the capital of Italian Renaissance. But you should know by now: at TS+FF nothing is what it appears to be…

h 22:30 – Waikiki Speaki-Tiki Bar
After all the dismemberings, the bombs, the bloodthirsty ghosts, a well-deserved breather, possibly with a cocktail in your hands.
Perfect even for those of you who are in for the long run and want to get ready for the midnight screening. Trust us.



TS+FF 19 – DAY 5 Sabato 02 november 2019

As Hadhoom used to say in the PK comics, now… LET’S DANCE! It’s the NIGHT of the Body Snatchers (Ultracorpi), the coolest party of the year.
But wait: before you place your tents around the Dhome club, there’s a long day ahead of you, full of surprises. Giant Arachnids, a coke-fueled Batman, humanoids, spaceships drifting off in outer space, super-soldiers created by crossing humans and pigs. And Danny Trejo, the icing on the cake of a perfect science fiction binge.

h 11:00 – Teatro Miela
Starship Troopers
Who does not remember the brain-eating and fire-breathing Arachnids? Well, their “father” Phil Tippett will be with us at TS+FF and will help us introduce the movie he was nominated for an Academy Award for in 1998 for best special effects.

h 14:00 – Teatro Miela
Riccardo Grippo – Italia, 2019, 9’
Matteo Macaluso – Italia, 2018, 9’
Divina Mortis
Josh Heisenberg – Italia, 2019, 20’
Lorenzo Corvino – Italia, 2019, 15’
Global W
Matteo Macaluso – Italia, 2019, 15’
Andrea Ricciotti – Italia, 2019, 18’
Iacopo Di Girolamo – Italia, GB, 2018, 14’
Michele Sorrentino Mangini – Italia, 2019, 15’
Francesco Barilli – Italia, 2019, 15’

h 15:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway
One of the craziest, weirder and undefinable TS+FF 2019 movies! A hustle-and-bustle, total chaos, with IT viruses called “Soviet Union”, a coke addicted Batman, unbelievable pairings, afro-futurism, odd special effects. Pure. Weird. Pleasure.

h 16:30 – Teatro Miela
Louis & Luca – Mission to the Moon
Louis and Luca are Louis the Magpie and Luca the Hedgehog, adventure companions of genius inventor Alfie Clarke in a mission where everything goes wrong and nothing according to plan.
A Norwegian animation filmfor our little courageous astronauts: the KIDS audience of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival!

h 17:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Ghost Town Anthology
A tragedy hits the town of Irénée-les-Neiges, 215 souls isolated in the Candian countryside. Were the grief not enough, strange shadows start appearing in the fog.
One of the most sophisticated titles in this edition, by the Cannes, Locarno and Berlin regular Dénis Côté.

h 20:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Extra Ordinary
What a palaver having superpowers. People ask you to exorcise the bewitched toaster or free them from the ghosts hidden under the carpet. But Rose is docile and patient and ready to help everyone.
If there’s something more serious to face, like a possessed girl because of a pact with the devil by a rock singer, then she really cannot pull out.
With stars like Will Forte and Maeve Higgins , he festival’s comic relief is guaranteed.

h 20:00 – Teatro Miela
L’Umanoide (The Humanoid)
The evil Lord Graal (Trieste’s own Ivan Rassimov) wants to use the Humanoid as the armed wing of his revenge: but will the invulnerable creature created by genius Dr. Kraspin be the ultimate weapon ending his exile forever? An Italian 70s science fiction vintage film.

h 22:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Our planet is done for: we have to move to Mars, and quick. Aniara is one of the ships taking Earth passengers to their new home, but it hits detritus and ends up off course. Soon their destiny is clear: drifting in space forever in an empty and cold universe.

h 22:00 – Teatro Miela
Boia, Maschere e Segreti: l’Horror Italiano degli Anni Sessanta (Hangmen, Masks and Secrets: Italian Horror of the Seventies)
A (possibly) one.of.a.kind season of Italian cinema we will look back at, eys filled with wonder and nostalgia, with this documentary by Steve Della Casa.

h 00:15 – Teatro Miela
Bullets of Justice
Third World War, Operation “Army Bacon”: the American government has secretly created super-soldiers by crossing humans with pigs. 25 years later, the “muzzles are at the top of the food chain and are breeding and eating humans.
Danny Trejo is Rob Justice. And, well, the bulletts in the title are his. Easy to say how much fun we will have on this absurd swine midnight carousel.

starting h 10:00 – Ridottino del Teatro Miela
Futurology meetings
Microplastics on pur plates and a “tribute to oil”. The focus of the first two Futurology meetings today are currently very hot subjects.
But it will also be an opportunity to remember and celebrate a very good friend of ours: Giuseppe Lippi, for many years with us at the Festival, who tokk us far away, beyod the stars, with his precious essays and his unforgotten and unforgettable Urania book series.
Check the detailed programme

h 18:30 – Teatro Miela
The other sides of the Moon: behind the scenes of the Lunar Missions
Averted and concealed disasters, pranks and embarrassing moments for the astronauts. Paolo Attivissimo will delight us with all this through witness tales and original documents.

h 23:00 – Dhome
La Notte degli Ultracorpi
More than a tradition. More than a must. The Night of the Body Snatchers is “the place to be” for all of you (and us) space weirdos and undercover aliens.
See you there.



TS+FF 19 – DAY 6 Sunday 03rd november 2019

It’s the last day. But we atill have many bulletts to shoot. Especially on the screen, where bulletts and explosions will abound.
From The Matrix to the new Zombieland, we are armed to the teeth, ready for some real action. Tonight we will also learn which movies will get the awards.
So, follow the white rabbit, he will lead you to the right place: the TS+FF!

h 11:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Red pill or blue pill?
Red pill: you will see reality for what it really is. That is, you will realize that since the first The Matrix twenty years have actually gone by (whaaaaaat?).
Blue pill: you will ignore how old you feel and will run to see the Wachowski sisters masterpiece in a theatre again.

h 15:00 – Politeama Rossetti
The Prince’s Voyage
A dream-like, delicate tale, which through a metaphor makes us think about peaceful coexistence and learning from each other. After Locarno and Annecy, the Prince’s voyage will stop off in Trieste, for all the festival fans, young and old.

h 15:00 – Teatro Miela
Max Isaacson – USA, 2018, 12’
Fernando Perezgil – Messico, 2019, 4’
Giltrude’s Dwelling
Jeremy Lutter – Canada, 2018, 15’
Dead Teenager Séance
Dante Vescio, Rodrigo Gasparini – Brasile, 2018, 21’
The Last Passenger
Janko Djurić – Serbia, 2019, 15’
Spirit of the Drowning Girls
Runze Cao – Cina, 2019, 11’
Igor De Luigi, Eugenio Villani – Italia, 2019, 36’

h 17:00 – Politeama Rossetti
Life Achievement Asteroide Award to Phil Tippett + Phil Tippet: Mad Dreams and Monsters
Winner of the Academy Awards for The Return of the Jedi and Jurassic Park, Phil Tippett, visual effects wizard and “father” of legendary creatures like Jabba the Hutt and the Arachnids of Starship Troopers, will receive the Life Achievement Asteroide Award and we will see his portray in the documentary by Poncet and Penso, who already presented their Le complexe de Frankenstein in Trieste a few years ago.

h 17:30 – Teatro Miela
Looking for Valentina – The World of Guido Crepax
Valentina is the black bob par excellence. Valentina is almost always naked. Valentina is thoughtful and a dreamer. Valentina is the girl eveyone is in love with (maybe secretly, maybe not).
This movie, dream-like and restless just as she is, will take us on a journey through Crepax’s plates, where animation and story merge beyond fantasy.

h 20:30 – Politeama Rossetti
Awards Ceremony + Zombieland: Double Tap
Ten years later, the original cast of the “super cult” movie about the living dead is back to face yet more advanced and hungry undead.
The perfect conclusion to take advantage of the leftover adrenalin, still running through our veins after the winners have been revealed.

starting h 10:00 – Ridottino del Teatro Miela
Futurology meetings
Will climate change force us to become “space migrants” in search of new worlds to colonize?
Does hibernation really work as it does in movies, and would it really enable humans to travel enormous distances in space?
And, about movies, how is a science fiction short film made?
We know you are curious, but don’t think we are going to tell you now. You must go to the Futurology meetings to find the answers to all these questions!
Check the detailed programme

h 10:30 – partenza da Casa del Cinema
Passeggiate cinematografiche – Set fantascientifici
A guided tour on the sets of the movies by Gabriele Salvatores, who has chosen Trieste as the backdrop of fantastic stories, paving the way for our city to become part of the imagery of international cinema. The Casa del Cinema Association will show you the many locations, and you will catch yourselves saying out loud: “Oh, but I do recognize this place!”