The training course of the Fantastic Film Forum has been designed to span over two days and two different moments: a theoretical – practical workshop as a general introduction to marketing and crowdfunding strategies; and an open day, meant to analyze strategies, opportunities and case histories of success, and most of all to give practical examples of what has been taught during the workshop. The second day has been planned to complement the training route of the workshop and to provide an additional supply of information which may effectively convey the specificity of the audiovisual industry; therefore, workshop attendees are strongly recommended to also take part to the second day. Part of the B2B meetings in the afternoon session of the open day will be specifically reserved to workshop attendees.

Workshop on crowdfunding and marketing in audiovisual production
November the 2nd, 2018 – Mediateca La Cappella Underground

Tutors: Gianluca Diegoli and Daniele Ferrari

The workshop consists in an intensive laboratory with a strong practical connotation and deals with the promotion strategies for the audiovisual product, through crowd funding and marketing techniques. The goal is to offer a comprehensive survey of the opportunities offered by these techniques, but it also and especially aims at teaching how to calibrate them with regard to the product’s characteristics, and to the target which has been set. Another not minor purpose is to stimulate a non conventional approach, by applying to the audiovisual projects instruments and strategies usually not associated with this kind of product.


  • 10.00-13.00: Theoretical frontal class with examples and question time at the end
  • 13.00-14.00 pm: Lunch break
  • 14.00-16.00: Practical exercises. The participants will be divided into groups and work at a concrete project of crowd funding and marketing strategies, in order to put into practice what has been learned in the morning
  • 16.00-18.00: Final presentations. Each group will present the work which has been realized, and discuss it with the others in order to share ideas, offer improvement proposals and highlight possible critical aspects.

The talking points will be the following:


  • Identifying the target: definition of the “Personas”
  • Definition of the “Customer Journey”: the route of our “client”
  • Identifying the touch points: what influences them?
  • Content definition: what do I have to show


  • Introduction: what crowdfunding is and how it works
  • Main models of crowdfunding
  • Defining the funding goal
  • Choosing the most suitable platform for the project
  • Conception of the page project
  • The importance of the video presentation
  • Reward conception
  • Campaign management and the relation with the supporters
  • Case histories of crowdfunding in the cinema and audiovisual ambit

Limited enrolment; maximum 15 participants.

The presence of a project at any phase of development is strongly advised (but not obligatory); all kind of projects will be accepted, regardless of genre and format (feature films, short films, web series, documentaries, trans media, etc.), provided they are of audiovisual character. The participants without a project will be associated to others during the creation of the working groups.

The workshop will be held in Italian.

Gianluca Diegoli has been dealing with on line business and eCommerce since 1997, after his degree in marketing at the Bocconi University. After twenty years of experience in companies such as Crif, Nextra, Tiscali, LVMH, Ducati and Barilla he is now helping companies define and put into practice the marketing and selling on line strategies. From 2012 he’s contract professor of Digital Marketing within the Master’s Degree Course in Marketing, Consumer and Communication at IULM. Moreover, he has taught at the Business School of Il Sole 24 Ore, at the Master in Digital Communication at IULM, at the Master in Communication of the University of San Marino, at the Master in Digital Business at Ca’ Foscari.

Daniele Ferrari works as Digital Strategist at the communication company Tracce s.r.l. where he develops the activities of Digital Marketing for his clients. As teacher and trainer he has held courses and seminars in Digital Marketing and Crowd Funding for private and public institutions. He is contract professor of Social Media Marketing at the University of Bologna and of Marketing of Cultural Initiatives at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. He has been among the first ones in Italy to deal with crowd funding as consultant and trainer, and he has followed many international successful campaigns. From 2013 to 2015 he has been an associate and representative member of ICN – Italian Crowd Funding Network, the first Italian crowd funding trade association.

Registration fees
Several options are available:

  • Sci-Fi Pro Edu: workshop registration; bag and catalog of the Festival. Cost: 120 €
  • Sci-Fi Pro Extra: workshop registration; access to the open day; access to the TS+FF projections; bag and catalog of the Festival. Cost: 160 €
  • Sci-Fi Pro Extra + (available only until 15/10): workshop registration; access to the open day; access to the TS+FF projections; bag and catalog of the Festival; 1 night of accommodation. Cost: 220 €

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