This is the final day, the day of the Award Ceremony! Another great piece of news: Close Encounters of the Third Kind returns to cinemas! On its 40th anniversary, you will be able to enjoy this science fiction adventure in a new 4K digital print. And you will also be treated to a short about the making of the film which includes a brand new interview with Steven Spielberg! Starting at 9pm, at the Politeama Rossetti!

The day starts at 11am at Casa del Cinema for another Esterno / Giorno! A virtual tour dedicated to the first Italian teen superhero directed by Gabriele Salvatores, with film critic Elisa Grando.

At 11 am there’s the Sci-Fi Cafè / Games at Knulp: playable in Italy. Talking about videogaming in Italy (journalism, territory and live streaming).


15.00 Il Rossetti
Bushwick (neon fuori concorso)

17.00 Il Rossetti
Before We Vanishè [Sanpo suru shinryakusha] (Italian preview)

18.00 Teatro Miela
Zombillenium (Italian preview)

20.00 Teatro Miela
The Endless (neon fuori concorso)

21.00 Il Rossetti
Close Encounters of the Third Kind + Award Ceremony


14.30 Teatro Miela
See You Tomorrow
— Isac Betancourt Valladares
Messico, 2016, 10’, HD

The Onlookers
— Jason Albury
Australia, 2017, 11’, HD

About Family (De familia)
— Adrian Pallares
Messico, 2017, 25’, HD

— Tom Teller, Stati Uniti, 2016,
20’, DCP

— Konstantina Kotzamani
Grecia, 2016, 30’, DCP

M.A.M.O.N. (Monitor AgainstMexicans Over Nationwide)
— Alejandro Damiani
Uruguay, Messico, 2016, 6’, DCP

Man In The Moon
— Monique Mulcahy
Australia, 2016, 13’, DCP

— Goran Spoljaric
Australia, 2016, 13’, DCP

The Boogeys
— Sanjay François Sharma
Canada, 2017, 15’, DCP

Flux 324
— Renato Batata
Brasile, 2016, 11’, DCP

— Luciano Blotta
Argentina, 2015, 17’, DCP[:]