This year Trieste Science+Fiction Festival will again host the Golden Méliès Ceremony, the events that makes Trieste the European Capital of Fantastic Cinema. It is the 30th anniversary of the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation Award and we will celebrate it with our fans by hosting a concert of the Maestro Stefano Bollani and his piano on our stage: Here Come the Aliens! is the title of one if his latest records and this a precious opportunity to attempt a marriage between science-fiction and jazz!

Make sure to check in at the Politeama Rossetti at 9 pm for this special event of music and cinema! On the “Oscar night” of European fantastic cinema – the 21st Méliès d’or Ceremony – Stefano Bollani will be a special guest of the TS+FF, with an extraordinary program: musical accompainments to classic movies, surprises and symbols of the early days of Sci-Fi cinema.

In the morning of the day 4, more precisely at 10am at the Hotel Continentale, the Fantastic Film Forum Day will start! The Fantastic Film Forum is the section of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival dedicated to fantastic and genre film professionals. Producers, filmmakers, film professionals, renowned masters and emerging talents will get together for a one-day long session of conferences, masterclasses and networking events with cinema experts. The primary goal is to create a meeting point which may foster new projects as well as boost the exchange of experiences and contacts, thereby encouraging international cooperation and actively promoting fantastic cinema.

At 11am the tour of the Veit Heinichen’s novels’ locations will start from Casa del Cinema thanks to Esterno/Giorno. An itinerary full of art and culture, a fascinating and mysterious Trieste.

It’s the second day for the Futurologia – Docs & Talks, starting at 6.30pm at Teatro Miela with the meeting by ARPA FVG LaREA between director Mila Aung-Thwin and scientific journalist Roberto Rizzo, an expert of Green Energy & Technologies. Moderator: Fabio Pagan. The meeting will be held after the screening at 5 pm of Let There Be Light di Mila Aung-Thwin, Van Royko at the Teatro Miela. The entrance is free.


14.30 Teatro Miela
Lovemilla (Sci-Fi education program)

17.00 Il Rossetti
Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child (Italian preview)

17.00 Teatro Miela
Let There Be Light (Italian preview)

20.00 Teatro Miela
L’ultimo sole della notte (Italian preview)

23.30 Teatro Miela
Blade of the Immortal (Italian preview)



14.30 Il Rossetti

Stefano Nurra, GB, 2017, 15’ DCP

Alberto Viavattene, Italia, 2016, 15’, DCP

Downside Up
Peter Ghesquière, Belgio, 2017, 14’, DCP

Robot & Scarecrow
Kibwe Taveras, GB, 2017, 15’, DCP

Eldritch Code
Ivan Radovic, Svezia, 2017, 10’, DCP

Trauma Industries
Jethro Massey, Francia, 2017, 13’, DCP

Martin Nabelek, Repubblica Ceca, 2016, 4’, HD

PM 2.5
Piotr Biedroń, Polonia, 2017, 7’, HD

Best Worker
Cyrill Ngog, Bielorussia, 2016, 7’, HD

The Sky
Juö Premorov, Slovenia, 2017, 9’, HD

Aleix Castro, Spagna, 2016, 10’, HD