One year, if compared to the average lifetime of a man, has a somewhat relative value. In the field of technology, on the contrary, it actually represents a geological era: time here flows at a speed which is impossible to follow, just like the evolution of machines that in the course of the years have been part of our leisure time.

Overlapped layers of silicon and plastic have deposited, forming the ground on which today’s whole video-recreational culture lies on. A ground which is rich of evidence of inestimable sentimental value.
Only if we observe this stratification from the right point of view, can we actually enjoy a privileged perspective over the inner development of pixels.
With this awareness, it is time for PLAY IT AGAIN to abandon its reassuring and cozy room and go to the next level: a journey among almost forgotten relics and virtual realities which are still unexplored.

Leave behind all certainties and that blind faith in the laws of physics, which you have been taught during childhood, abandon yourself to the unpredictable stability and to the eccentric volatility of the universes shaped by pixels.
(Re)bring to light the pleasure to explore, which for too long has been buried under heaps of civilization.
(Re)capture in those square shapes the genuine pleasure of exploring new and old worlds, meet long forgotten friends, and fight against perfect strangers.
(Re)discover the pleasure of the unknown.


friday 28 october
opening ore 18.00
saturday 29 — monday 31 october
10.00 — 13.00 e 16.00 — 19.00
tuesday 01 — sunday 06 november
10.00 — 20.00