November 1st, 2021
Case studies


In today’s film industry, national borders are less and less important, while international cooperation becomes an increasingly inescapable practice. Due to their geographical position or to the nature of their national film markets, some areas act as natural crossroads between the film industry of different European countries. These meetings will offer a survey on some of these cases, on the opportunities they offer, and on how local film companies benefited from this.

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(Co)Producers in Europe
Belgium: Benoît Roland and Wrong Men

Though still very young, Benoît Roland is one of the most eclectic and interesting producers of the new European cinema. Supported by a strong international film production network, Roland has a clear-cut preference for young authors and high-reaching projects (such as Leos Carax’s Annette, selected at this year’s Trieste Science+Fiction Festival), ranging from shorts, to arthouse films, to sheer genre films. A meeting with one of the most active European producers – and a survey on a film industry deeply founded on co-production such as Belgian cinema.

Benoît Roland, produttore, Wrong Men (Belgium)


(Co)Producers in Europe
Italy: Vargo Film

Vargo Film is one of the very few independent production companies in Italy to regularly produce genre films. Very attentive to international opportunities ever since its foundation in 2014 (it co-produced The Man with the Magic Box, Asteroide award at the 2017 Trieste Science+Fiction Festival), with its latest projects Vargo Film is going on to consistently co-produce on an international level. But what does it mean to produce genre cinema in Italy today? What are the international opportunities for this?

Alessandro Riccardi, CEO, Vargo Film (Italy)


(Co)Producers in Europe
Ireland: Tailored Films

Dublin-based Tailored Films is one of the most interesting production companies in today’s Ireland: deeply rooted in the Irish culture and film industry, keenly bent on international co-production, almost entirely managed by women – and an eager disposition for genre films. Starting from a case study of their last film Let the wrong one in (selected at this year’s Trieste Science+Fiction), this meeting is meant to present a solidly European production company, as well as an overview of the film industry of its country.

Julianne Forde, produttore, Tailored Films (Irlanda)


(Co)Producers in Europe
Iceland: Hrönn Kristinsdottir and Sara Nassim

In spite of a (seemingly) marginal position, the Icelandic film industry is growing fast in
recent times – both as a movie location and as regards domestic production. Naturally
bent on co-production, the local film industry regularly releases high-level international
productions – such as Lamb, which premièred in Cannes and has been selected at this
year’s Trieste Science+Fiction Festival. Starting from a case history on this film, an
overview of the Icelandic film industry, of its peculiarities and opportunities, together with
the producers of Lamb.

Hrönn Kristinsdottir e Sara Nassim, producers (Island)