Saturday October 30th, 2021
Case studies


In today’s film industry, national borders are less and less important, while international cooperation becomes an increasingly inescapable practice. Due to their geographical position or to the nature of their national film markets, some areas act as natural crossroads between the film industry of different European countries. These meetings will offer a survey on some of these cases, on the opportunities they offer, and on how local film companies benefited from this.

All events will take place online. Registration required.

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A crossroads to Centre Europe: IDM Südtirol Alto Adige Film Fund & Commission and Albolina Film

Due to its geographical location and bilingualism, South Tyrol is a natural crossroads to the German-speaking film industry. IDM Film Fund & Commission is one of the most active Film Commissions in Italy, managing a yearly fund of 5 million euros, and ever since its creation in 2010 has acted as an interface between the film markets of Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition to a presentation of the opportunities and service offered by IDM Film Fund & Commission, the event will feature a case study on Albolina Film, a Bozan-based production company which, starting from the “natural” co-productions with Austria and Germany, is now expanding its cooperations to Centre Europe.

Birgit Oberkofler, Head of IDM Film Fund & Commission (Italy);
Debora Nischler, Producer, Albolina Film (Italy)