Steampunk Connection


Canada, 2019, 75’
by Annie Deniel
Sceneggiatura, Montaggio/Screenplay, Editing Annie Deniel – Fotografia/Cinematography Marie Dietlin, Pierre-Frédéric Chénier, Annie Deniel – Suono/Sound Mélanie Gauthier, Gaëlle Komàr – Musica/Music Jardin Mécanique, Tambour – Produzione/Production Les films du ricochet – Distribuzione internazionale/International Distribution Vidéographe

Exploring at once both the past and the future, Clara, Daniel and François have chosen a different kind of creative connection to the world. For three years, the filmmaker followed these members of the Steampunk community, an extraordinary artistic movement inspired by science fiction and the Industrial Revolution with close to 4M followers worldwide. This creative film mixes direct documentary cinema with surrealist ‘steampunk’ clips, giving voice to people whose feelings of being ‘outsiders’ have led them to reinvent and heal themselves through the imaginative expression of Steampunk art.