Max Isaacson
USA, 2018, 12′, HD
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay: Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly Fotografia/Cinematography: Shaun Dixon Montaggio/Editing: Morgan Faust, Chell Stephen Musica/Music: Steven Gizzi, Jay Vincent Effetti Speciali/Special Effects: Julia Hapney Interpreti/Cast: Zoë Bell, Tracie Thoms, Elizabeth Hunter, Jeffrey Nicholas Brown Produttori/Producers: Jacob Brumfield, Mali Elfman Produzione/Production: BroSis, Daughter and Sons

When Pup, a young girl living on the fringe of a bombed out town, finds a dead body washed up on the beach, she brings it home to give it a proper burial. But other people have plans for the body and Pup’s refusal to give it up brings hell down upon she and her father’s heads.