Italy, 2018, 10’
di Elena Starace, Marco Renda
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay: Elena Starace, Marco Renda, Nicola Maiello Fotografia /Cinematography: Saverio Corsaro Montaggio/Editing: Alessio Rivellino Musica/Music: Luca De Simone, Marco Mantovanelli Effetti Visivi/Visual Effects: Tommaso Renzoni Interpreti/Cast: Piera Russo, Tiziana D’Angelo, Elio Amedeo, Giovanni Allocca Produttore/Producer: Silvestro Marino Produzione/Production: Sly Production Distribuzione internazionale /International Distribution: Associak Distribuzione

Year 2037. To limit the economic and structural decline, Italy sells part of its territories to private lobbies. The Region of Campania becomes area RS 3. In a climate of terror and abuse, Uccia will have to choose between two instincts: creation or destruction. Will the blood on her hands be blood of life or blood of revenge?