More Human Than Human


The Netherlands, USA, Belgium, 2018, 78’
di Tommy Pallotta, Femke Wolting
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Tommy Pallotta, Femke Wolting Fotografia/Cinematography Guido van Gennep Montaggio/Editing Chris van Oers Suono/Sound Eddy de Cloe Musica/Music Harry Waters Produttori/Producers Femke Wolting, Bruno Felix, Tommy Pallotta Produzione/Production Submarine, SubLA, Savage Film, VPRO Distribuzione internazionale /International Distribution Autlook Film

More Human Than Human explores the rise of Artificial Intelligence and its effects on our lives. Artificial Intelligence was once the realm of science fiction and futurist visions, but it is part of our current reality. The complexity of tasks that smart machines can perform is increasing at an exponential rate. Where will this ultimately take us? If a robot can learn to fold a towel on its own, will it someday be able to cook you dinner, perform surgery, and even conduct a war? More Human Than Human takes us on a quest of understanding these innovations, opposing views and challenging our aspirations for the future of man and machine.