Genesis 2.0


evento ARPA
Switzerland, 2018, 113’
di Christian Frei, Maxim Arbugaev
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Christian Frei Fotografia/Cinematography Peter Indergand, Maxim Arbugaev Montaggio/Editing Christian Frei, Thomas Bachmann Musica/Music Max Richter, Edward Artemyev Produttore/Producer Christian Frei Produzione/Production Christian Frei Filmproduktion Distribuzione internazionale /International Distribution Rise and Shine

Genesis 2.0 observes the harsh and dangerous life of so-called mammoth hunters on the remote New Siberian Islands in the far north of Siberia. The archaic landscape in which these people are looking for the tusks of extinct mammoths looks like primordial earth. There is a kind of gold rush fever in the air, because the prices for this white gold have never been so high. But the thawing permafrost unveils more than just precious ivory. Such finds are magnets for high-tech Russian and South Korean clone researchers in search of mammoth cells with the greatest possible degree of intact DNA. They want to bring the extinct woolly mammoth back to life à la Jurassic Park, and resurrect it as a species. Worldwide, biologists are working on re-inventing life.