Conversazioni atomiche


Italy, 2018, 84′
by Felice Farina
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Nicholas Di Valerio, Felice Farina Montaggio/Editing Fabrizio Campioni Suono/Sound Marco Furlani Musica/Music Nicholas Di Valerio Effetti visivi/Visual Effects Felice Farina, Giuseppe Lombardi Produttore/Producer Maura Cosenza Produzione, Distribuzione internazionale, Distribuzione italiana/Production, International Distribution, Italian Distribution Istituto Luce Cinecittà

Conversazioni atomiche is a declaration of love for the research in Italy, a country which curiously, despite a diffused scientific culture and a research policy which leaves a great deal to be desired, still maintains a prominent place thanks to the researchers’ high quality and to their results. The idea of making this film was born out of the desire to look into this contradiction, but also to experiment a personal and passionate model of disclosure, which may be defined as “docu-comedy”, in order to offer an approach to the fundamentals of the physics of the past century to those who believe they don’t understand a word about it, or – worse still – to those who believe they don’t need such kind of knowledge.