Calling All Earthlings


USA, 2018, 77’
di Jonathan Berman
Fotografia/Cinematography Tony Molina, Gregory Wilson Montaggio/Editing Iain Kennedy Musica/Music Elliott Sharp Produttore/Producer Jonathan Berman Produzione/Production Carpe Stella Productions

Calling All Earthlings explores a mid-century UFO cult led by one-time Howard Hughes confidante, George Van Tassel. Van Tassel claimed to have combined alien guidance with the writings of inventor/physicist Nikola Tesla, and other controversial science, to build an electromagnetic time machine he dubbed “The Integratron.” Was he insane? Or could the dome really break through boundaries of space, time, and energy? FBI agents worked against Van Tassel and the alternative community that formed out of his work. Calling All Earthlings looks at all the roots of counterculture, particularly through the lens of the reactions against and inspiration of “Big Science” and “The Bomb.”