The Delivery [Livraison]


France, 2017, 23’
anteprima italiana/italian premiere
di Steeve Calvo
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay: Steeve Calvo, Jean-Etienne Martin – Fotografia/Cinematography: Maurizio Tiella – Montaggio/Editing: Audrey Bauduin – Musica/Music: Amaury Chabauty – Effetti Speciali/Special Effects: Christophe Pizetta, Fabrice Herbet, Samuel Blanes, Jacques Olivier Molon – Interpreti/Cast: Anne Canovas, Didier Bourguignon, Antonin Congiu Produttori/Producers: Amiel Tenenbaum, Martin Zarka Produzione/Production: Blast Production

In a devastated world, a beleaguered breeder goes on the roads to deliver a very special livestock: zombies. At the end of this transhumance, the delivery will be questioned when he discovers a part of humanity unexpected in one of his creatures.