USA, 1973, 88’
by Michael Crichton
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Michael Crichton – Fotografia/Cinematography Gene Polito – Montaggio/Editing David Bretherton – Musica/Music Fred Karlin – Effetti speciali /Special Effects Charles Schulties – Interpreti/Cast James Brolin, Yul Brynner, Richard Benjamin, Victoria Shaw, Norman Bartold – Produttore/Producer Paul N. Lazarus III – Produzione, Distribuzione internazionale, Distribuzione italiana/Production, International Distribution Italian Distribution Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

We are in year 2000 and there are people ready to pay one thousand dollars a day for a holiday in a sort of super-Disneyland called Delos, where you can live adventures which feel almost real in the world of the Romans, at the time of the chivalrous Middle Ages, or in the Far West. These fantastic places are inhabited by robots which – guided by specialized scientists – offer the tourist the perfect feeling of truth, behaving like women to love and men to kill. Everything corresponds to the promises of the publicity, until the rebellion of the robots begins.