Linea oraria


Italy, 2016, 25’
by Walter Rastelli
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Walter Rastelli – Fotografia/Cinematography Walter Rastelli – Montaggio/Editing Walter Rastelli – Musica/Music Angelo Bibita – Interpreti/Cast Mirko Zagarella, Antonio Basile, Annalisa Renzulli, Martina Liberti, Michele Stefanile – Produttori/Producers Walter Rastelli – Produzione/Production Drazil Production

A young writer has lost all reason to live. One evening, after a nervous breakdown, he gets drunk and faints into his room. When he awakes, he finds a strange surprise: a small black hole levitating half a meter from the floor. Concerned, he calls his friend and together they realize that, inside the black hole, there is not a gravitational singularity, but the answer that the young man is looking for to raise his life again…