East End


Italy 2016, 89’
di Skanf & Puccio
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Luca Scanferla, Giuseppe Squillaci, Federico Moccia – Montaggio/Editing Massimo Alberto Croce – Musica/Music Georges Pascal Marchese, Marco Dalla Chiesa, Alessandro Cagnizzi – Animation Director
Matthew Lyon – Character Design Andrea Minella – Produzione/Production Canecane, Ear Cinema – Distribuzione Italiana/Italian Distribution Koch Media – Distribuzione Internazionale/International Distribution Ambi Pictures

The film tells the story of a group of children from Rome’s suburb East End, who – in order to see the derby Lazio vs Rome for free – reroute on the Olympic Stadium a military super secret satellite, which the US are using in the chase of the world’s most dangerous terrorist, the infamous Al Zabir Muffat. And so, while the protagonists of global politics manage the strategic crisis caused by the satellite’s disappearance, the children, totally unaware, have to make it through tiring di culties made of bullying, mischiefs and small everyday problems, a mirror of a society where the small and the big, the extraordinary and the ordinary are always crossing but never meet.