Blood on Méliès’ Moon (La porta sui mondi)


Italy 2016, 111’
by Luigi Cozzi
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Luigi Cozzi, Giulio Leoni – Fotografia/Cinematography Francesca Paolucci, Andrea
Pieroni, Frank Guerin – Montaggio/Editing Vittorio Viscardi – Effetti Speciali/Special Effects Vittorio Viscardi, Andrea Pieroni – Musica/Music Simone Martino – Interpreti/Cast Philippe Beun-Garbe, Alessia Patregnani, Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava, Barbara Magnolfi – Produttore/Producer Maria Letizia Sercia – Produzione/Production
Profondo Rosso

History tells us that in 1890, in France, inventor Louis Le Prince, after patenting a machine for filming images in movement and projecting them on a screen, disappeared in mysterious circumstances: we haven’t known anything about him nor about his invention since. Five years later the Lumière brothers from Lyon patented a very similar machine called “Le Cinematographe”: from then on, 1895 has universally been known as the o cial birth date of cinema. But a riddle remains: what happened to that Louis Le Prince? And where have him and his patented invention gone?