Spain, Sweden, France 2015, 90’
by José Skaf
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Diego Soto – Fotografia/Cinematography Emilio Guirao – Montaggio/Editing Ana Charte Isa, Elena Ruiz – Musica/Music Arnau Bataller – Interpreti/Cast Miguel Fernández, Aura Garrido, Ginés García Millán,
José Sacristán, Ana Wagener – Produttori/Producers David Matamoros, Angeles Hernandez, Madeleine
Ekman, Eric Tavitian – Produzione/Production Zentropa Spain, Zentropa Vulcania AIE, Zentropa Sweden, Ran Entertainment – Distribuzione Internazionale /International Distribution SND – Groupe M6

After the accidental death of Jonás’ family in an abandoned mine in a mysterious place lost in place and time, he devotes himself to his dangerous job at the foundry. But Jonás will begin to find evidence that his family was in fact murdered because they knew that there was life beyond The Border. Torn apart by feelings of guilt and revenge, Jonás will come up with a plan to save Marta and her child. In order to gain back freedom for all the inhabitants of Vulcania, Jonás will have to accept that his curse is in fact a unique gift to save the community from their leaders.