Italy, USA 2016, 83’
di Ivan Silvestrini
Soggetto/Story Roberto Recchioni – Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Elena Buccaccio, Stefano Sardo, Ivan Silvestrini, Mauro
Uzzeo – Fotografia/Cinematography Michael Fitzmaurice – Montaggio/Editing Lorenzo Muto – Musica/Music Diego Buongiorno – Effetti Visivi/Visual Effects Frame by Frame – Interpreti/Cast Katrina Bowden, Damon Dayoub, Brandon Jones, Ashley Madekwe, Jay Hayden, Nixon and Crew Hodges – Produttori/Producers Davide Luchetti, Lorenzo
Foschi – Produttori/Producers Davide Luchetti, Lorenzo Foschi, Andrea Nocetti, Giovanni Arata, Nils Hartmann, Roberto Amoroso, Sonia Rovai – Copruduzione/Coproduction Sergio Bonelli Editore – Distribuzione Internazionale
/International Distribution True Colours

Sandra is locked out of her Monolith, the safest car in the world, built to protect your loved ones by all sorts of dangers. Her son David is inside, he’s only two years old and he can’t get out by himself. Around them, the desert, miles and miles of desert. Sandra must free her child, she must nd a way to open that iron armour, she is ready to do anything, even if it means risking her own life. She’s lost in the middle of nowhere, prey to the wild animals, and with no water. As if it weren’t enough, the sun is setting and soon it will be dark, and the sunrise will turn the car into an oven. Will the courage of a mother prevail over the Monolith?