Perfect Drug


Belgio, 2012, 14′, col.
di Toon Aerts
Sceneggiatura Toon Aerts – Fotografia Nicolas Karakatsanis – Montaggio Martin Leroy – Interpreti Misha Downey, Fehmi Emsha, Yumiko Funaya – Produttore Koen Mortier, Kim Vandercruyssen – Produzione Epidemic – Sito

Misha, Yumiko and Chinatsu are sitting in a parked car in front of a strange motel. In the backseat they have a huge amount of test tubes filled with different substances. It’s clear that their attempted burglary didn’t go as planned… While Yumiko tries to calm down their Albanian boss Hasan on the phone, Misha can’t resist it any longer. He opens up a test tube and drinks it to the drop…